My thoughts today.
I want to get to know me more as there are many parts of myself I never met. Many parts I have suppressed.

I’m no longer fighting to be accepted by a system that wasn’t created for me or others to flourish.

Or to be valued by genre that was only taught to gain for themselves to expect ppl to work for a harvest they don’t plan to share. Where more is often confused with less depending on its packaging or comparison to others.

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Selling Everything I Own.


IMG_6421-2.pngThis past weekend was filled with mixed emotions as I stepped out on some serious faith listening to the Whispers in my Spirit and literally selling everything I own.
I thought I was having slight anxiety when they put the For Rent sign (that you see above) in front of my house, but OH MY GOD….When people starting leaving with stuff I love.

It’s one thing to have a garage sale full of things you don’t want or need. But to sell things you really love; now that’s a totally different ball game.

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Brain AVM Survivor & WeTV actress named keynote speaker!



The 2nd Annual Voice Your Invisible Wounds Conference returns to Houston!! Hundreds of men and women will connect with a strong circle of speakers to catapult them to the highest levels of healing and balance in their personal and professional lives with the theme of “Removing The Mask.” This is the only gathering aimed at celebrating men and women who have the power to live courageously despite life’s hardships and difficulties.
WE tv’s Match Made In Heaven actress, Author and Survivor. The dynamic Phoenix White; will be this year’s keynote speaker. 

Hosted & Founded by Alissa R. Jones 

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Houston Here I come

Hi Loves,
I’m super excited to be the keynote speaker for the “Voice Your Invisble Wounds” conference in Houston Tx on September 25-26… I have lots of surprises in store. Get your tickets now on
Use my discount Phoenix10
See you soon