Heart Healing

Heart Healing

Specializing in Healing in areas that affect the heart. Helping you to release the pain that is causing disruption of the flow in your life.

Life Purpose

Life Purpose

Specializing in identifying what your true life's purpose is. As well as helping to align you with your path & calling.

Life Recalibration

Life Recalibration

Total Life Transformation. In every major area of your life

Creative Coaching

Creative Coaching

Helping you to take your business and ideas to the next level.

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What if you could live life on your terms, feeling empowered to do what YOU want? What if you had the clarity to understand what is holding you back, so you could accomplish your dreams and aspirations?

When you lack clarity, it shows up in different areas of your life:

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  • You are not sure what your next steps are
  • You can’t seem to accomplish your goals
  • You feel invisible, unheard and unappreciated
  • You get stressed out about your decisions and responsibilities
  • You are grieving a separation and feel depressed
  • You are scattered, confused or overwhelmed
  • You feel lonely and disconnected
  • You get paralyzed  by fear, insecurity and self-doubt
  • You struggle with your life or relationships
  • You secretly resent and envy those who seem to have what YOU want


This is just a small list of negative life side effects that many people experience and are suffering from on a daily basis. Finding, acknowledging and confronting these issues are the first step in clearing out the debris in your mind, body, and spirit.

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Are you fed up

with feeling overwhelmed or unfulfilled? Are you ready to transform & Redefine your life from existing to Thriving? Are you ready to manifest at a Rapid Rate?

Are you yearning for the insight to let go of what holds you back? If you can’t figure out what your next steps are or lack the motivation to achieve your dreams and goals, you’ve come to the right place. I have the ability to connect with you on a soul level and guide you through a self-empowerment process to create a life or business you LOVE!


My Coaching Style

Our work together is very individualized because it’s based on YOUR life path and soul purpose: what you are here to learn, experience, and accomplish. I can connect with you on a subtle level, see what you cannot see, and guide you to re-align with your inner compass to get on the right track of your life. Once you do, everything acquires meaning and purpose, and life itself flows with much more grace and ease.

If you are ready and committed to harness your creative power to transform your reality and accomplish what YOU truly desire, I am here to support you every step of the way.


As your personal Intuitive Life Coach I will provide you a safe space in confidentiality as we work together to Transform your life, Raise your Vibration & Increase Vitality, Inspiration and Passion for life and what you have to offer! How you ask? By DOING THE WORK NEEDED TO GET YOU THERE. Our combined efforts can be both short term or long term uninterrupted sessions via telephone. As we create a personalized course of action to ensure the best solutions for your life. We will work on finding and creating a solution that what will work for you.


I know this because….

I’ve been there and experienced every single one of them. When my son and I were homeless living in a motel on welfare, or when I was raped by a person who was supposed to protect me, or when everything in my life stopped and I had to have brain surgery being told that I could possibly lose the ability to put things together as well as words and the ability to create, or when I was being beat up by the media and had no way to stand up for myself, and the list goes on. I felt like my life had completely crumbled and I had no idea how to put all the pieces back together. I was hurt, confused, lonely and powerless, until I started taking full spiritual responsibility—that is, for absolutely everything in my life.

It was a reoccuring cyle of feeling small, depressed, like a failure, weak, ashamed and forgotten. I knew that I could find the way back to a stronger sense of self. I begin doing the work on myself. Asking the hard questions. Listewning to my spirit and intuitive gifts to dive deep into the scary dark places that hurt so much, and in that process something magical happened: I witnessed my inner power &strength emerge, along with the clarity of what my healing process was all about.


I was able to put all the pieces of my life together with a clear understanding of who I was and what I wanted. It felt like a rebirth , which is why I go by the name Phoenix because I had risen from the ashes. I took back my life and living on my own terms with no apologies. And so can you!

With my guidance, you will understand the HOWs and WHYs of your experience and integrate your life puzzle to draw the direction, confidence and purpose you need to create more joyful and meaningful relationships and life experiences.


You will also gain insight and clarity to manifest your vision and true desires.

You just need guidance, direction and support from someone who understands where you are and how you feel. Someone to help you remove the blinders that prevent you from utilizing the creative potential that lies inside you, and move past your own resistance.

I know how you may feel: you keep yourself busy taking care of others’ needs (feeling “useful”), while you remain invisible and unheard, secretly craving appreciation, recognition, and support to accomplish YOUR dreams.

And perhaps even those dreams have become fuzzy and unclear because nobody is energizing them! You hope and wish that the day will come when you’ll find something more fulfilling than what you do or have—something that will make your life more authentic and bring passion and joy into your experience. So you wait and wait, and the routine simply goes on…

I truly get it. I know how lonely and disconnected you feel. And I KNOW I can help you break the invisible ties that hold you back, to discover and embrace who YOU really are, instead of who you think you should be.

You can only transform things when you start overcoming your unconscious limiting beliefs because the Universe can only give you more of what you give yourself. And it’s not that you don’t want more from life, it’s just that—consciously or unconsciously—it is all you are giving yourself permission to receive!


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