If you have clicked on this page, its possible that you are searching for guidance or just someone to help you sort out a few things as you begin to expand and walk into the fullness of your purpose. Or maybe you’re just feeling stuck, confused, depressed, or just  not quite clear what your purpose is, but you feel like you’re missing something. We all have been there before.


2 years ago, I was broken, feeling confused and lost as to what was the point of it all. I was tired of trying so hard at life and everything that came with it only to find more hurt and more confusion. It seemed as if dissappointment seemed to follow me everywhere I went and my emotions were all over the place. Until one day I woke up, and started to listen to my spirit which led me to people and places that I could’ve never dreamed of. I started working with my own life coach who helped me to clear my path as I started doing the work on myself that required me to to awknowledge and face the harsh reality that some of my decisions, ways of thinking, old guilt & shame, and the spiritual disconnection had gotten me to the place I was in.  I also found that much of my inner turmoil was due to lack of fullfillment of purpose, which decreased my ability to truly feel joy constantly.


Once I found my purpose and begin operate in the fullness of it by utilizing the tools that I had acquired from studying with many great teachers  as well as some of my own personal techniques. I learned how to stop the bleeding in my life which allowed me to heal, grow, elevate my consciousness and raise my vibration so that I could attract the things that I truly wanted in my life.


As I began writting my self help book “Redefining Strong”  last year I found that I had loads of emails asking if I would mentor and be a life coach. So I have decided to open myself up to working with you one on one. I want you to Get excited about Life by providing you with a combination of support, honest feedback, intuitive insight and useful tools as your personal Life Coach.


If you’re truly ready to learn how to manifest and experience more of what you want in life and, in the process gain self awareness, insight as well as personal and spiritual growth you’ve come to the right place.


Coaching Services will be updated Soon!








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