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Phoenix does far more than redefine strength in this tale of transparency. She provides a road map for resilience and serves as a guide to never giving in to all the stuff that on a daily basis tries to tell all of us we can’t make it. This book should just be self-titled, as this author personifies the Phoenix rising from the ashes of self imposed anger and resentment. For all of us stuck in a rut…this is the book that can not only inspire us, but provide direction to redemption.

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Phoenix White Thank you for being a positive figure in today's society. I truly, from my core adore & admire you, your work ethic, drive, and beauty. You are inspiration. Im also very honored by your blessings of my work and what i do. Working to get to your level someday soon. lol Ive already began the book and I'm in love, Thank you again for the gift and blessings, and please continue being such a force of inspiration. You are a black woman, i live for.

Monica Leon

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Loving being able to experience the journey! Phoenix White what a beautiful soul!!! I'm driving in diving in for those of you who have not read her book please do so! Such an inspiring woman.

Robin Ayers

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Received my book from Phoenix white today. Let me just say this... I am beyond impressed with her presentation and gifting but more than anything, once I began reading strong, I haven't been able to set it down outside of writing this post! Phoenix, you are a beautiful LIGHT! I'm proud to know you

Pat O'Brien

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Phoenix has penned a text book on life, love, redemption, gratitude and the eternal search for meaning. Nothing in God’s world happens by accident so it is no accident that she has come out the other side stronger and with divine purpose. Take a walk down Phoenix White’s yellow brick road and through all the challenges and roadblocks, you, too, will discover that you can go home again, and that, all along, the way home has been through faith.


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  • Denise Merchant May 3, 2015   Reply →

    Redefining Strong is a book that not only takes you through the journey and strength of Phoenix White’s life, but this book will also help you to reflect back on your own life’s journey.

    This book will help to inspire and guide you into your greatness, and encourage you to keep pushing forward. It is through this book, you will see, that in your weakness, it redefines what being strong really means, and that you are a winner, so don’t give, Redefining Strong, encourages you to recognize that about yourself, through the challenges that Phoenix White over came.

    An inspirational Read..,,

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