Surviving the Purge

imageI know the last few weeks have been incredibly challenging for some as we are all going thru a purging process. It feels icky and uncomfortable yet very liberating. There are many things being shaken up and or removed… But… It’s not a bad thing it just feels uncomfortable as changes are extremely necessary right now. You have to make some really clear precise choices and act on it immediately.
Another thing is it’s time to release and simplify your life. A lot of what we hold on to is because of fear, clingyness, and thoughts of lack. It’s takes a lot of courage to let go but right now is purging season. Everything you continue to hold on to will hold you back. You must let go of old friends, clothes, and all the stuff that you no longer need, use, or no longer serves your higher good.

As I’ve been doing this lately I swear things have become so clear, and I am so filled with creativity and clarity on what I need to do for my life to truly move forward extremely fast. But WE have to do the work.

The only way for us to receive what we truly want is to make room for it.

The only way to survive the purge us to release trying to control it. Boi does the universe | God have a twist for you once you do. Don’t be Afraid. It’s all working out for your good. Trust it.

Xo- Phoenix