My thoughts today.
I want to get to know me more as there are many parts of myself I never met. Many parts I have suppressed.

I’m no longer fighting to be accepted by a system that wasn’t created for me or others to flourish.

Or to be valued by genre that was only taught to gain for themselves to expect ppl to work for a harvest they don’t plan to share. Where more is often confused with less depending on its packaging or comparison to others.

Where fulfillment is confused as being an outward gain and how much more you need to feel worthy of accomplishment to meet the “untainable” for most to meet the qualifications for the term “Making it.”


Where becoming rich or a millionaire is the life goal. Embedding is many of us the false pretense as being the only way to live, or help others the only way to be successful in life. As we work tirelessly to achieve it to the point of destruction in every area of our lives and ultimately a brokenness of spirit.


Instead on an inward peace, confidence and intangible self worth that calms our ego driven craving for power and acceptance that only make us more of who were NOT, as we wonder why we’re so depressed!!! As we Drift further and further away from ourselves. Our Organic selves.
I’m no longer allowing ppl to waste my time or take advantage of me or my talent due to my passion, heart and desire to help others.


I choose to live a life FREE of being what others want me to be and living for me. FREE from being a slave to my work, my THINGS that help us feel better temporarily while our spirit suffers quietly as we need more and more… But I mean truly living FREE…Truly living for me… Helping those that need me. Instead of wasting my life existing to work and working to just exist. Giving to those who have nothing with no expectation in return.


Ive always wanted and had a desire to Serve to ppl who don’t know what it’s like to be served with no conditions. To share… To learn things I’ve never learned, to experience a greater type of love. That’s where my heart is… Helping others to thrive and pass it on, not to feed their ego.


Everything else is just simply no longer important. ~Phoenix